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Just Me... And so it goes....

“And so this is where life takes me, sitting in a strangers house, looking around , observing, learning of where  their life took them. For sure I know because I am here, that their life led them here, in a hospital bed, wondering WHEN? When it is ever the right time to let go of this time here, is there ever a right time?  The chaos of families , sometimes the chaos of silence, as there is no family to tend to the brokenness and peace that may or may not come out of the end.  I yearn to learn more and to grow from the entirety of this experience, week after week, month on top of months. I love where life took me, because even through adversity, struggle, heartache.... there was more beyond the chaos of silence . In the end , it seems, we are all the same. We long for the same human connection, the same human love, and the acceptance of those that say , I LOVE YOU.  So I sit , in hopes to lesson a burden put upon loved ones to , “figure it all out”,  do we ever really care , or is our own selfish , childlike urge to be in charge and popular umongst our peers. So I sit....just me.... and so it goes.”

In the end .... only Kindness matters...

Kick Into Kindness always!