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Christmas is a time to give....

Good day friends,

It is that time for our Christmas giveaway. I posted on K.I.K.I. ‘s Facebook page.

Good Morning you all, K.I.K.I. is in full holiday mode. Happy holidays and I hope everyone is in good spirits. I would like to kick off our Christmas , holiday giveaway. The K.I.K.I. Project wants to “lighten” and make a little brighter holiday for (3) families this Christmas . I am asking for nominations to help someone dear to you who is in need of some assistance that perhaps KIKI could lighten a burden this Christmas . I always see Kindness through the eyes of the ones that love us. Please include a favorite time or event with the person you are nominating. Or how this family or person has impacted your life. I have such a passion for KIKI and wish I could help EVERYONE. I foresee , in time, we will build upon Kindness and be able to ,once again ,feel the confidence and trust to help our neighbors. Thing To do to submit your entries: - visit and scroll to the bottom and subscribe. -if on Facebook , feel free to “like” the kiki Facebook page. - your free to message me or email me your entries. It’s just easiest to connect. - I will be taking nominations until Sunday 12/17/17. GoFundMe: kiki project @ adam 

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